About us

Pacific Investment and Trade Company Limited (PITC Co., Ltd) started its operation in 2004 and is headquartered in Hanoi with the following lines of business:

  1. Technical consulting, installation, maintenance, maintenance of all kinds of machinery and equipment and mechanical processing in the manufacturing industry
  2. Supply of machinery, equipment, spare parts and spare parts in the field of manufacturing industry and factories
  3. Supply of supplies and materials for processing, manufacturing and packaging

“With more than 16 years of experience in the field of expertise and meeting the strict requirements of engineering and quality.

We are trusted by many customers who are domestic and foreign manufacturers investing in production in Vietnam.

Especially chosen by Japanese manufacturers as distributors.”

I -Production and distribution of galvanized steel cage products according to Japanese technical standards
II – Exclusive distributor for Japanese Yuei caster in Vietnam

– All kinds of cakes from 25 to 200 mm, load capacity from 50 to 800kg/wheel
– All kinds of stainless wheels
– Heavy duty wheels
– Types of wheels suitable for greasy, chemical environments
– Types of spring-loaded wheels, shock-absorbing wheels in rough road conditions

III – Pneumatic equipment and components

As a distributor of SMC in Vietnam such as cylinders, valves, sensors, filters, connectors, gas couplings, pressure regulators…
Besides providing pneumatic and hydraulic equipment: Taiyo, Horiuchi, Hirotaka, Toyoki.

IV – Nutruner equipment, Servo pess made by Dai-Ichi Japan: force control system DDK – Japan
VI – Parts and products for casting machines (NANIWA)

– Materials and components for castings
– Sand casting machine for casting products

VII – Electrical components: (Omron, Mitsubishi, Fuji, keyencem Hangyoung, SunX)

– Motor, Relay, Sensor, switch, controller, inverter

VIII – Hand Tools

– Guns used for assembly industry: Uruy, Vessel, Delvo,
– Types of nozzles: BIX, NAC, Vessel
– Weight tools, pame, calipers, gauges.. : Tonichi, Kanon, Mitutoyo
– Quick coupler: Nitto, NAC

IX – Lifting equipment

– Dump truck, Pallet trailer, … : Bishamon, OPK, Miditek
Pallang, Balance, Crane … : ENDO, Elephant, Hitachi

X – Pump

– Vacuum pump: Ulvac, Anlet, Teran, Torishima, Kawamoto, Tacmina, Ebara, Hitachi, Torishima.
– Water pump: Grundfoss, Pentax, Ebara, Hitachi, Toshiba

In addition to providing 100% genuine spare parts, we also have a good after-sales policy with warranty and timely replacement parts.

Company motto Thai Binh “Always provide the best products and services to satisfy customers”
The strength of the company THAI BINH DUONG is due to the fact that we have a team of highly skilled, dedicated and qualified staff to advise you to choose and buy satisfactory products.

Looking forward to receiving your cooperation, best regards!