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Member’s birthday- Connecting happiness for employees

Member’s birthday – Connecting happiness for employees

I am a new employee who has joined the PITC family  for almost a year, otherwise no one would know that my birthdays every year before were often very boring, I just kept it in my diary as a commemorative gift to mark his own birth.

As a fate, I came to PITC and really PITC is the place to tell me what truly is a memorable birthday in my life.

If you are suddenly asked “What is a birthday that is so important”, you will probably be surprised for a moment and may even think that this is a no-brainer question. Because in everyone’s mind, the default birthday is the day that celebrates one’s birthday and always carries a great and important meaning. But have you ever tried to think about why birthdays are so important and how meaningfully you yourself have spent your birthdays?

For PITC, the member’s birthday in the month is the most frequent activity with the main purpose of encouraging morale as well as for all employees to stick with the company, work and especially the company. link between all members, departments together. That is why each member’s birthday party, every month, contains a unique and interesting meaning, which further stimulates the expectations of me and everyone. Is it a routine or a habit that everyone does, every month just waiting for the email info to send a happy birthday message, see the date, see the time, see the location, arrange reasonable work and follow-up. followed by only a slight eagerness to wait for the day to come.

Happy birthday to you, the lyrics are both familiar and warm to anyone who hears it. Member birthday party is held by PITC on each member’s birthday. Each person will have their own feelings, but all of them realize that the only thing is the care, sharing, solidarity, and creating joy for a small but warm party. Each person lit a candle, blew those pink candles, and made a wish. All are like returning to the days of childhood, reliving in the love of a real family.

There are people whose birthday candles are lit for the first time, there are also people who have had their birthdays celebrated but in the meantime all respect every precious moment. With words of encouragement for each other, only one cream cake each occasion, adding a few fruits, and a few cakes made us a cozy birthday of a big family.

All those wonderful moments are saved by the company in each photo, article (web). It is a diary page marking memorable memories of the great PITC family. Later, sometimes when I recall, there is also something to bring back to review and remember. Although, such birthday parties are not always full of members. Some people are busy with this, busy with that, and there are people who don’t want to participate. But when listening to that moment, most of the regrets are clearly shown on each person’s face.

Although those birthdays are not grandiose, not ostentatious, they create great strength for the old age, encourage the spirit as well as create a beautiful memory in everyone’s heart. Thereby creating solidarity, sticking together, sharing difficulties, supporting each other, encouraging each other, trying together to successfully complete the noble sacred task of “Developing the company”.